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Kasey Sterling // Principal Designer

RID, NCIDQ ® NO. 022193

Kasey Sterling is the principal and visionary of her firm – Korr Design. She has been creating sophisticated and functional spaces with efficiency and passion unmatched by others, drawing upon her own experience in hospitality and retail industry. 

Originally hailing from the province of beautiful British Columbia, Kasey founded Korr with over 15 years of experience in the Interior Design Industry.                       .                                                                      
Sterling’s unique talent of harmonizing a multitude of aesthetic and utilitarian factors proves essential in the development of comfortable interiors that provide top quality service, and has earned her work multiple awards, as well as a following of elite and discerning clientele.

Kasey stays true to the somewhat “old-school” practice of sketching by hand, and believes that process in itself to be an integral foundation in breathing creative life into all projects. 

Instead of identifying with a specific style or aesthetic, Kasey prides herself on the fact that it’s rare to walk into a room and immediately know it’s the work of Korr. 

While indeed there exists a consistency in detailing and architectural elements, she explains “my design intent is really to make the operators, dreams and desires come to life. When clients come to you, they’re limited by what they see and know. Our job is to take that and push them, and help them really discover the room that they’ve always wanted but could never fully imagine.”

By focusing more on the client’s wants and less on trends, Korr is able to maintain a level of timelessness that may otherwise not be achieved. 

“In 10 years it should only be about some lipstick and paint— but the overall room should always be about them, and not the era in which it was designed.” 

Every KORR project is immaculately conceived, detailed and constructed.  Kasey personally sketches, draws and documents the design details of a project, and provides comprehensive project coordination.  Her number one priority is to create spaces that are as unique and diverse as the clients she collaborates with.  It is this philosophy that leads her to design timeless interiors that become an integral part of each neighborhood in which they reside.